Gardone Riviera - Lake Garda

Eight towns make up the community of Gardone Riviera. Fasano, Gardone Sotto, Gardone Sopra, Montecucco, Supiane, Morgnaga, Tresnico and San Michele. The uncultivated, wood-covered hinterland near Valsabbia has many walking paths and trails. There is a huge variety of exotic vegetation: cedars, magnolias, camphor trees, palm trees, make Gardone Riviera an internationally famous "garden city". Villas and hotels surrounded by large parks on the shore have preserved their original 19th century Liberty style. To see at Gardone Riviera: Villa Alba, designed at the beginning of the 20th century by the German architect Schäfer, the villa is an imitation of the Acropolis in Athens. The neoclassical villa owned by the Langensiepen family has a grand facade with columns, a loggia supported by caryatids, a pediment decorated with bas-relief, and an ornate stairway.
The A. Hruska botanical garden. There is a huge variety of succulent and subtropical plants. Many aquatic plants float in small ponds with fountains and waterfalls typical of Japanese landscaping. There is also a lush forest of bamboo trees. Alpine flowers grown amidst the rocks, crevasses and small ravines. The San Nicolò Church was built over an existing building dating back to 1391.